Spring I/O


Jeroen Sterken

Kristof Van Sever

Testing every level of your spring microservices application [Workshop]

Jeroen Sterken / Kristof Van Sever - Faros NV

In this workshop we give a complete overview of testing a typical microservice architecture by focussing on the different levels of such an architecture. By exploring a real life example, we’ll test our way through the different levels starting at the macro-level for testing the relationships between microservices using Spring Cloud contract. Next diving into a specific microservice and looking at concepts like BDD using cucumber. Finally we’ll end at the micro-level, using Junit 5 and mocking libraries to test the individual parts of our microservice.

Are you serious about microservice testing? #we 2!.

Prerequisites: Java 8 installed, GIT, IDE, Maven

Clone the following repos:

And 2 git repo’s they can already checkout in advance: