Spring I/O


Oleg Zhurakousky

Spring Cloud Stream: Developer Recipes, Tips and Tricks

Oleg Zhurakousky - Pivotal

Microservices architecture redefined the concept of a modern application as a set of independent, distributed and loosely-coupled services running in the cloud. However, developer experiences are often challenging and confusing for both the novice and seasoned developer due to both conceptually new programming/deployment model as well as unpredictable nature of the cloud itself.

Some of these challenges are:

- Time-to-your-first-hello-world
- Debugging and tracing
- Management and Monitoring
- Testing
- Development/Deployment Lifecycle(i.e., from local dev/test to prod)
- Tooling - what’s available and what’s appropriate and when?

This hands-on presentation/tutorial which will consist of live coding and demos that will use Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Stream and will help to demystify some of these challenges while sharing few tips and tricks along the way.