Spring I/O


Tommy Ludwig

Observability with Spring-based distributed systems

Tommy Ludwig - Rakuten

Spring makes it easy to build and run applications quickly without boilerplate code. Once up and running though, you will want operational insight into the behavior of your system, beyond basic monitoring of system health. How can you best achieve observability with Spring applications? Spring Boot's Actuator can get you quite far with individual instances, but for observability of a distributed system, additional tools are needed. Fortunately, Spring makes using those tools pretty easy!

The target audience for this talk is developers building distributed systems in Spring who are seeking better observability to improve areas such as alerting, root-cause analysis, trend analysis, and monitoring. Basic understanding of Spring Boot is recommended.

This talk introduces three main pillars of observability - logging, metrics, and tracing. For each of these pillars, you will learn how you can integrate or instrument it in your Spring Boot-based applications. Specifically, some projects that will be covered include Zipkin for distributed tracing, Micrometer as a metrics façade and exporter, and Spring Cloud Sleuth for tracing instrumentation and log correlation. With the unique advantages offered by each pillar combined, you can achieve powerful observability.