Spring I/O


Mark Heckler

Making the long road short: How to migrate legacy enterprise Java apps to Spring Boot

Mark Heckler - Pivotal

Java EE(4J) is a well-established standard for creating enterprise Java applications and powers many critical applications with long lifespans. A frequent question is this: how can I gain access to the power of Spring & Spring Boot to take advantage of their dependency management, CDI, ease of data/streams use & integration, reactive programming, or any of a number of other capabilities? What are preferred migration patterns to smooth the path?

In this session, the presenter demonstrates how to transform legacy Java EE(4J) applications to Spring Boot, live and in real-time. This is not a theoretical discussion or a smackdown, it's a live-coding journey from one stack to another for those who need to know. Come see how to level up on Spring Boot!