Spring I/O


Ray Tsang

Google Cloud Native with Spring Boot [Workshop]

Ray Tsang - Google

Spring Framework and Spring Boot made a huge stride to make it easier than ever to develop the next generation of cloud native applications. More importantly, a number of Spring projects provides cloud-vendor agnostic abstractions to developers, so that with a simple configuration switch, you are able to move your local application to run in an on-prem datacenter, or in the cloud with managed services.

Google and Pivotal partnered to develop Spring Cloud adapters for Google Cloud Platform. With Spring Cloud GCP, you can quickly develop cloud native applications & harness the power of Google infrastructure, including easy connection to GCP's managed databases, using Pub/Sub to send and receive messages, and other tools for tracing and monitoring your services.

In this session, we'll show how to build cloud native applications with Spring on Google Cloud Platform.