Spring I/O


Tim Büthe

Alejandro Peña

From garage project to the No. 1 Taxi App in Europe

Tim Büthe / Alejandro Peña - mytaxi

Our team has grown from 3 developers programming in a living room to more than 400 employees with over 100 developers around Europe to support more than a million network requests every minute - leading the European e-hailing market. In this talk, we'll walk through our journey from monolithic to microservices, the migration from on-premise to cloud solutions. With our lessons learnt, pains and gains, we hope that you can avoid those pitfalls we've fallen into. Apart from technology, we'd also like to share how to efficiently scale engineering teams - another key success factor.

During our growth process we possibly made every mistake in the book, but we adjusted quickly and learned from it. So here is our advice for doing microservices and scaling teams efficiently. We want to give you an overview of our tech stack, used tools, libraries and pitfalls. How we do single click deployments and rollbacks, our solution for collecting logs and search through them, how we monitor the system closely and alert when something is wrong, how we store different types of data efficiently, how we use different techniques, languages and conventions across the teams and offices. And, since it’s SpringIO we show our favorite Spring anti-patterns and how to avoid them.

Today mytaxi is the No. 1 e-hailing app in Europe. Supporting smartphone apps for Android, iOS for hailing and paying your tour, as well as smart watch apps, Google Maps integrations, a Siri integration and an Alexa skill to order your taxi by voice.