Spring I/O


Joris Kuipers

Building and running Spring Cloud-based microservices on AWS ECS

Joris Kuipers - Trifork

Spring Cloud is a set of frameworks providing support for running microservices in what often is a cloud-based environment. Joris is currently an architect on a project that Trifork started this year that uses Spring Cloud's Netflix and Consul integration to run a set of microservices on AWS using its Docker orchestration support, ECS.

This talk covers some of the lessons learned in setting up a project like this, including integrating Spring Cloud with AWS ECS. Topics include efficient build script management, advanced HTTP client and RestTemplate configuration, Consul service registration using EC2 host IP addresses and port numbers, integrating Spring's PropertySource abstraction with AWS's Parameter Store for storing and retrieving secrets, and other things that will undoubtedly come up before presenting this talk ;)